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Best money-management and finance books for self-growth

Books for finance and money management

This post is a part of my self-development library series that includes books for personal development from various categories. Make sure to check the entire library here:

In this post, I present to you my favorite books for improving your finance and money-management knowledge – important and often overlooked aspect of personal-development. Hope you will enjoy the books and I’ll be very happy if you share with me some other books from this category, that you would advise for me to read!

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Enjoy the read and I hope that you will find a book, that will change your life for the better!

Rich dad poor dad money management.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Kiyosaki, Robert T.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the books that you can read when you’re absolutely starting with getting into finance/money management.

The author tells his story about how he basically grew up with two fathers – one that was rich, and one that was poor. As he grew up, he observed the behavior and mentality of both of “his dads” and he uses those information to teach lessons about managing your money.

It’s a great mix between a story/novel and self-help lessons.

It’s absolutely not a book that will teach you investing or anything like that, but it can help you inherit some good principles, that can make you manage your money, income, and spendings, more smartly.

Who do I recommend this book to?
If you think that this is a good book for anyone that has no or low understanding on how to amass money and it will help you understand basic lessons of money management, such as – don’t work for money, make your money work for you – if you feel that you need help understanding basic finance philosophy like that, you will enjoy the book.

The Richest Man in Babylon

Clason, George S.

I would put this book in the similar field like the previous one – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – this is also a book that talks about absolute basics of smart money management.

It’s a series of financial parables, set in the ancient Babylon, describing how a young man learns his lessons from listening and doing what the richest man in Babylon tells him to do – he sends him on various journeys and throughout his entire life, he learns how to make more and more wealth for himself.

Who do I recommend this book to?
Again, anyone that wants to learn the basics on how to be smart with the money and what are the general principles of generating wealth.

Two of those principles that you can learn from this book, for examples, are:

  • Always pay yourself first.
  • Focus on investing into things that will ensure your income in the future.
Money management book.
List of best books for personal development and self-growth
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