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Great mentors for entrepreneurs | Episode 1: Gary Vaynerchuk

Online mentor for entrepreneurs - Gary Vaynerchuk

Great entrepreneurship mentors | Episode 1: Gary Vaynerchuk


This is a new series that I want to introduce you – great entrepreneurship mentors. In every part of this series, I will introduce to you one person, that has helped me on my entrepreneurship way in any way, shape or form.


“What I want to achieve with this series is, well, to give some shout-outs to the people that have impacted and inspired me the most, but above all, I hope I will give some of you, my dear readers, a person that you aswell will be able to benefit from.”


And who better to start this series than with Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk, a.k.a. @garyvee – one of the most successful businessmen of our generation and a huge inspiration to so many of us entrepreneurs. When I first came across his content, I got obsessed with him and damn near fell in love with his crazy work ethic, extremely smart business thinking, and funny, charismatic and inspiring way of storytelling.


In about 1 month time of coming across his content for the first time I watched about 200 of his videos, bought two of his books, followed him on every platform and most importantly – got inspired and started executing my plans, particularly this blog you are on right now.


If you don’t know him yet, I am extremely happy for you, because I believe, he can provide some really inspirational and also practical value to so many of you. So if there is one thing I will ask you to do today is too bare with me the next couple of minutes and give me a chance to explain to you, why you should probably get to know who Gary Vee is and look into at least some of his amazing content.

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

  1. He is currently the co-founder and the CEO of Vaynermedia – his social media agency, that is one of the fastest growing agencies in the world, having over 800 employees at this moment.
  2. He built his father’s wine business from 4 million a year business to 60 million a year business. In just 5 years. He did that by recognizing and using some of the most important digital marketing tools before 99 % of other people and businesses – he built a webstore in the late 90’s – – in time before almost anyone believed or knew, that e-commerce will be a useful marketing channel. He also started using email marketing before it was a “thing”. He was one of the first marketers to use email marketing and include personalization, for example, and achieved open rates about 99 %. Crazy. He also recognized the crazy good value of Google AdWords – that’s before Google AdWords became mainstream (he bought the word wine for 5 cents for several months, now the same word costs a couple of dollars).
  3. He is an author and already has 4 best selling books right now, all about business / personal development.
    He built his personal brand to a very high level. He is one of the most established social media experts and had extremely strong followings on Twitter, IG, FB, YouTube, Snapchat and more.
  4. Above all, he is an extremely honest, practically oriented, highly, highly charismatic businessman that has proven time and time again that he knows what he is talking about and can teach so many people so many things. He is also a really great person, very self-aware and very very “real”. Seriously, his content and his way of communication and storytelling will knock your socks off.

And that’s just some of his achievements, I could probably go on for hours about them.
To get a glimpse of his character and to get a feel of him, take a look at this video.


So that’s who he is. Well, like 0.5% of who he is. Now, why I respect him and why I am so happy and grateful that I came across his content and what you can learn from him as well.

10 reasons


  1. He speaks the truth, without a filter. If someone asks him about a certain project that that person is working on, and it’s not good, Gary will tell that person just that. Not to be rude, but to give him REAL feedback and enable that person to rethink their strategy.
  2. He knows current trends because he’s a practitioner – not only does he know the social media facts and theory – he actually uses all of the new digital marketing platforms personally. He actually posts there himself, he responds to his fans himself, etc. So when he talks about that, he knows what he’s talking about, first hand.
  3. He practices what he preaches and preaches what he practices. Like I explained in the previous post – he doesn’t just tell you, for example, to post 10 Snapchat stories a day – he does that himself.
  4. He’s inspirational and motivational. Plus, he’s funny. He’s inspirational because of a couple of reasons – he works like 18 hours a day – how can you not get motivated by that?? He also started from the absolute bottom and got to where he is, thanks to, above everything else, insane work-ethic. As far as the funny part goes – you just have to watch one of his keynotes. Or just look at this video, for example:
  5. Free super-practical advice – this one might be the most important point for you – he gives out a TON of super useful advice – from daily motivation to practical tips – as specific as you can imagine. Take a look at this video, it’s unbelievably practical advice:
  6. Great books – one of my favorite form of his content are his books. They are very insightful and also practical. Here are all of his books.
    My advice to you is to use these links to get FREE Audible audio book – just follow the links and choose Audible audiobook and use their free trial to get any of these books for free:

    Here's how you can get free audio books!


  7. Fantastic YouTube channel – daily blogs, #askgaryvee and more – Youtube is one of his main communication channels:

10 reasons


I believe that by now you have got to know the “core” of Gary Vaynerchuk. To top it off, here are some of my favorite by Gary:

  • “Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.”
  • “I attract a crowd, not because I’m an extrovert or I’m over the top or I’m oozing with charisma. It’s because I care.”
  • “All your ideas may be solid or even good. But you have to Actually EXECUTE on them for them to matter.”
  • “Effort is grossly underrated.”
  • “If you live for the weekends and vacations, your shit is broken.”
  • “Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.”
  • “99% of people don’t market in the year that we are actually living in.”
  • “The person that gives the value first has the leverage.”
  • “If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.”
  • “Content is king, but marketing is queen, and she runs the household.”
  • “The more content I put out, the more luck I have.”
  • “Give value. Give value, Give value. And then ask for the business.”
  • “I pride myself in listening. When you have people paying attention to you, your biggest job is to listen to what they want. Deliver what your community wants.”
  • “There is never a bad time to start a business – unless you want to start a mediocre one.”
  • “People are chasing cash, not happiness. When you chase money, you’re going to lose. You’re just going to. Even if you get the money, you’re not going to be happy.”

There it is, people. I hope you enjoyed the content and will be able to extract value from it. Be sure to share it, if you like it, and subscribe for more content on digital marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

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