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Improve your site speed for better SEO results in 3 minutes. Literally.

Make your WordPress website load faster!

You probably already know by now that site speed (how fast your website loads and is displayed to your users) is an important SEO factor. Faster loading time means better rankings and more than that, better user experience, which will result in additional improvement of your rankings. And that will lead to more people visiting your page.

So basically if you want more people on your website, this is for you.

There are some pretty technical and complicated methods (caching, minification, asynchronous loading, etc. ) of improving your site speed, but there is also this method, that I will show you now, that is extremely simple and fast – including reading this tutorial, you can do it in about 5 minutes.

It uses a simple plugin and all you need to do is follow the next 2, yes, only two steps.

Ready to make your WordPress site faster? Ready or not, here it is!

1. Install the WP SMUSH plugin.

This is the plugin by WPMU Dev that we will use. It’s a simple plugin, it does only one thing – compress images, and it does it pretty well and completely free.
So the first step is – download and install the WP SMUSH plugin to your WordPress site. You can get it here:

Here’s a pretty cool video that shows what this plugin does. Really cool video, actually!

2. Activate and use the plugin

Yes, just click the activate button. Just by clicking this, you will achieve two things – every new image, that you upload to your website will be compressed AND every image you upload will be compressed + optimized for specific dimensions. This means, when you will need only the thumbnail of the image, only the 150px x 150px version of the image will be loaded, not the full-sized image, which will very significantly reduce the image loading time.

All that is left now is to compress images that are already on your site – you do that with one click – Bulk smush now. Let it do its magic and you’re done!

Compressing your images with this WordPress plugin will improve your site speed.That will go through all of the images on your server and compress every one of them, one by one. The free version will bulk smush up to 50 images so you may need to run it a couple of times.

The PRO version will obviously compress images a bit better and faster, but you have to subscribe to WPMU DEV, which will cost you 50 $ per month. There is a somewhat of a workaround, however – you can use their 14-day free trial and use the pro version to compress all of the existing images on your site and cancel the subscription later, without paying a cent. Cool, huh?

So here it is – with about 5 clicks, you’ve improved the site speed and therefore improved your SEO and user experience!

Reduce the size of your images furthermore with this tool

Bonus tip!

If you want to reduce the size of your images further, optimize them before uploading them. Do that by resizing them to no more than the maximum dimensions that you will need on the site and saving them in the “Save for Web” mode (this mode is available in Photoshop, but other image processing software have some similar options as well).

Additionally, one tool that I very much like to use, is, which will reduce the image size up to 90 % and is extremely simple to use. Very useful, you can find it here:

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