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A must-have, free, proofreading tool your going to love!

Grammarly review - great free tool for proofreading

(Yes, I made the mistake in the title on purpose. If you didn’t notice it, you probably need this tool ;))


You know what’s important for online success? Well, besides many other things, grammar.


Grammatical errors in your content will result in a couple of things:

    • Bad branding.
    • Bad SEO results.
    • You will appear less trustworthy.
    • It will decrease your sales.


There have been many different studies that found out that that 74 percent of consumers pay attention to grammar on company websites and 59 % of consumers said that they avoid buying from companies that make a lot of more obvious grammatical errors.


So yeah, these are some big numbers.


So, I’m from Slovenia (don’t worry, I didn’t expect you to know where it is. But here it is if you wanna know: CLICK HERE) and English is not my mother tongue.


But I run an English blog, so I need to make sure that my grammar is good. Because of that, I always proofread everything I write and even send some texts to other people, to check it out and look for any grammar mistakes. I have gotten better with my grammar, but it’s definitely not flawless.


Luckily, I came across a tool that helps me out with that – Grammarly.



Just wanted to make this clear – I am in their affiliate program, but I’ve been using this tool for much longer, and I don’t recommend it to make money, but only because I really find this tool useful.

What’s this Grammarly tool, you ask?

Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension that you simply install and it immediately starts automatically correcting mistakes in your grammar.


It integrates with a lot of other websites that you write texts on – Facebook for example. Anytime I write a post on Facebook, it completely AUTOMATICALLY shows me where I made a grammar mistake and it even provides me with a suggestion to fix it. Not only that, I just click on the word/phrase that I wrote incorrectly, and with one click, I can insert their suggestion – I don’t even need to write anything, how cool is that!?

Example of using Grammarly on Facebook for proofreading.


Not only that, it also integrates with WordPress, which definitely makes my workflow easier – on EVERY single post that I write, it finds a couple of typos and other grammatical errors that I wouldn’t catch if I didn’t have the tool. I rarely send my content to proofread it to anyone nowadays, because of this tool. So it saves me some money. And time.


Example of Grammarly correcting my grammar errors while I write in WordPress


And that’s why I think that every blogger, digital marketer, social media marketer, SEO expert, etc.- anyone that writes English content MUST HAVE this proofreading tool.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it also works with Gmail, which is another huuuge plus.

The best thing about it? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!

Well, of course, they have a premium – paid version, but for me, the free version is useful enough. It corrects the most critical grammatical and spelling mistakes very well, much better than Microsoft Word, for example.

Now, if I would be writing some REALLY important texts, I would definitely consider checking out the paid version, but, as I’ve said, for me, the free version is enough at the moment – it catches pretty much every mistake that a big majority of my visitors would notice.

Here’s the difference between their free and premium plan:


Difference between free and paid Grammarly plugin - a free proofreading tool.


Get ready for the shortest installation + how-to-use guide ever:

    • Step 1: Click HERE ( and click on “Add to Chrome” button. A new popup windows shows, click on Add extension and wait for it to install.
    • Step 2: Just use Facebook, Gmail, WordPress and a ton of other platforms like you did before and be aware of when Grammarly underlines any words in your text. If it does, click on it and see the suggestions that Grammarly suggests. Click on it to apply it.

That’s it, man, that’s it. Simple as that.

Seriously, I can’t write anything else, that’s actually everything.

Oh, ok, there’s one more optional thing. You can also use their system to create new text files, which I find useful for longer texts that you maybe want to check and then copy into a program that isn’t supported by Grammarly yet. To achieve that, just go to this URL:

So yeah, here’s the tool that’s 100% free, will help you achieve better results online, you install it in 30 seconds and you’re good to go.

For me, it saved me from making a ton of typos and it taught me a couple of things I had no idea about as well. One example, when you’re listing things, you should use the comma after “and”. Great to know

So yeah, here’s my opinion on Grammarly. No risk, high-reward.
Enjoy it:)

Once again, you can get this free proofreading tool – HERE.

Improve your grammar with free proofreading tool Grammarly


Thank you so much reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, feel free to subscribe for more blogging, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development-tips:)

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