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Why you should start a blog and why I decided to launch a blog

Why you should start a blog - 10 reasons for starting a blog.

The goal of this blog post of mine is pretty simple – I want to inspire at least one person to say:”Why the heck not!?” and simply start a blog. Not to decide to make money out of it, but just to try it.

Intro / Small talk

Skip the intro and go to the list of benefits

That’s because I honestly believe that so many people and companies would benefit from blogging – companies could sell more products, writers could sharpen their writing skills, developers could get much better jobs if they shared their projects and thoughts with other people, house builders could become established as experts on their fields, if they shared their projects, studies and new techniques on the internet, creative people could become even more creative, psychologist could bridge the gap between their studies, therapies and everyday people, marketers could prove that they practice what they preach, amateur gardeners could make money from writing about what they would do anyways and they are passionate about… Enough examples? If you would like me to discuss with you, how you could personally benefit from writing a blog, send me your question here.

If you are reading this blog, you have definitely considered blogging before and are still weighing the pros and cons, maybe you are not sure whether you are ready to share your thoughts with the world, whether you have the necessary skills to put together a good blog, maybe you- look, whatever your case is, I will try to explain to you why you should put all over the above aside, even if you’re not 100% sure about it and at least … trytoblog, hehe.

Based on the title and the intro, you can see, that I am a big supporter of blogging. Why? Cause I have tried it myself personally, because I wrote blogs for businesses, because I know a lot of people that blog and I feel that based on my experience and research – blogging is still underrated, because it brings so many benefits to the author and to the reader, that soooo many people could improve their personal and business lives by so much, simply by blogging about the stuff they’re passionate about.

Before I go into all the pros of blogging, allow me to introduce you to why I started with this blog. I always liked writing blogs for businesses, I always liked developing and sharing my ideas, I always really really liked helping people and I sensed that there is a lot of people that could benefit from free advice that I can offer them through a blog.

Since I have experience in blogging, SEO and digital marketing and since I am passionate about blogging, it made a ton of sense for me to start a blog about … Well, blogging, digital marketing, and SEO. It’s what I’m pretty good at, it’s what I love doing and a lot of people are interested in.

So, that’s why I made – to help aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs and companies to achieve their goals, whatever they are.

(I am writing this blog at the moment when I don’t even have a website, but I feel so excited about writing this, that I know already, that I will enjoy this blogging journey so much, because I am writing about things that I love and have all the intentions to simply give, give and give to my readers. I am not even thinking about asking for anything. I just have the honest goals to help and to write about things that excite me. So exciting, I love it!)

Okay, enough small talk. Here are the main reasons why I think that almost everyone that is reading this right now, should start a blog at some point or at least try to blog, even if it’s only a couple of posts, as the benefits will be immediate and very noticeable.

If you don’t feel like reading, here’s a quick video with the list below – but I would still advise you to read the list below as I went into greater details and you will be able to see my points better.

10 reasons for starting a blog:

  1. Get to know yourself better
    This one is pretty logical, but still, an underrated benefit of blogging – writing down your thoughts, deciding on what you want to share with the world will give you a much clearer vision of yourself as well. For starters, you will found out what you enjoy talking/writing about the most, what are the topics that you are most passionate about (and those are probably the things that you should base your life around).
    Secondarily, but maybe even more importantly, based on what you communicate with the world, you will see what your main values are. Immediately as I started writing this blog I realized how important it is for me to be 100% honest with my readers. I also immediately decided to offer free answers/help to everyone that posts a question on this page. From this, I can see that I value the willingness to help other very highly. Those are just examples, but any blogger can tell you that they learn about themselves so much, with every blog post they write.
  2. Make a change
    Not enough people focus on this one, but if you have honest goals, if you don’t write just to make money, if you actually write to bring people a new perspective or to teach them something, you can actually bring change to their lives.
    No matter what you blog about, you can show your readers a new perspective, a way of thinking, specific method, whatever…. Need examples? Teach them new ways of cooking, give them ideas for new outfit combinations, show them new awesome places to travels, teach people how to code new websites, how to build unique furniture, whatever it is – that is bringing change to the people and sparking creativity in the world.

    Just focus on not writing same things that everyone else is writing, but providing your own perspective about the topic at hand.

  3. Become more creative
    As I started with the blogging, it surprised me pretty fast, how much I started to think more creatively. Every time I see a blog about a topic that interests me, I think about how I could improve on that topic, how I could present it from my own perspective and so on. You become more resourceful with the information you receive, you don’t just read and hear stuff, but you think about it, how it could help you, how it could help you help other people, how you could put your own twist on that and make something totally new and unique out of it.Benefit of blogging - improve your creativity

    Writing blogs will make you more creative, which will make you better … Whatever you are or want to be.

  4. Become a better writer
    Sugar is bad for you, exercising more will make you healthier, nights are dark and cheeseburgers contain cheese – as obvious and logical as all of these facts are, is the fact that writing more will make you a better writer. This one is obvious, so I will just move on.
  5. Earn money while doing something that you love
    These are the dreams of almost every blogger – to make a living out of writing about what they love. I will not lie, it’s not my primary goal, but it would be amazing to earn some bucks out of this blog and is, in fact, one of my middle to long term goals. Anyways, as I am getting deeper into this blogging thing, I am learning that earning money from blogging is very very realistic, as long as you focus on bringing value to your readers, write often enough, do a little bit of smart marketing and most importantly, have a little bit of good ol’ patience. Soon enough, you will find out that there is a lot of opportunities to monetize your blog.
  6. Establish yourself as an expert in your field
    This one is also pretty well known and logical. If you will write about any topic, that itself will make you better at it – as you write posts about anything, questions will arise and it will make you think about the topic at hand in different ways. A lot of times you will see that you actually don’t understand the topic 100 % and writing a blog post about it will force you to learn it more thoroughly – that way you will become a better expert on the topic and it will become obvious for the readers as well – readers, which could be your potential business partners, investors, employers, etc.

    Can you imagine applying for a job and instead of having a same old CV where you talk about yourself and what you’re good at, you can simply show the companies your blog, which is a breathing proof, that you have a lot of knowledge on that topic?

    Such an advantage against everyone else – instead of asking them to trust you that you’re an expert, simply giving them the proof.

    Besides learning new things about the topic, when you write about the topic, if you will be serious about your blog, you will also engage with other people in the community, answer their questions, enter discussions about the topic and so much more, which will further deepen your knowledge.

  7. Meet new, awesome people
    To continue from the previous point I made, if you’re serious about your blog, you will undoubtedly engage with the community – whether it’s through comments, emails, social media, forums and so much more. Not only will you have the chance to talk with new people, you will have the chance to build relationships with like-minded people, that have some of the same interests as you! Such relationships are usually very positive, encouraging, genuine and friendly – that itself should already be a good enough reason to blog.
  8. Be an inspiration
    I don’t want to sound too cheesy or anything, but you putting in the effort to set-up a blog, invest hours and hours into thinking and writing your posts and then giving out the content for free, can inspire people. It can inspire them to help other people as well, to do something for them for free, without asking for anything in return. And that is rare and so valuable nowadays.
    And of course, whatever you write about could inspire them as well – my goal is to show people how many benefits the blogging has and inspire at least one person to try to blog. If you write about saving methods, your goal should be to inspire other people to save some money for themselves. If you write about making a DIY furniture, you just might inspire some of your readers to try and make their own furniture. If you… okay, I think you get the point that I’m trying to make right now 🙂

    Putting in the effort to set-up a blog, invest hours and hours into thinking and writing your posts and then giving out the content for free, can inspire people.

  9. Become more confident
    I used to be an introverted, confidence-lacking, self-doubting guy. Writing different kinds of blogs (for me personally or for businesses) has helped me realize that hey, I am pretty good at these things and I can provide a real value to other people. This is extremely self-assuring and confidence-boosting. Besides that, I’m still an introverted guy and this way of sharing content allows me to speak to many, many people, without getting out of my comfort zone.
    In time, your confidence will grow more than you could ever imagine as you will be able to see that you are an expert and bring real added value to so many people.
  10. It feels amazing to get positive feedback
    This is coming from a guy that deleted his Facebook account and tries to not really care that much about what other people think about – getting just the slightest positive feedback from one single reader, saying that you’ve helped them in any way or just simply that they like your blog, seeing them share your ideas, etc., Feels soooo gratifying, fulfilling and good. Knowing that others appreciate your effort or bring some new ideas into their lives because of you…It’s the best. It really is.
    One can only imagine the feeling you get when you get appreciation from a mass of people and see that you benefit hundreds and thousands of the people.

There it is guys, some of the biggest benefits of writing your own/company’s blog. I hope it inspired some of you to try it for yourself and see the magic that blogging does to one’s life for themselves.

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10 reasons for starting a blog!

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