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How to Blog When You’re Not a Writer | TryToBlog AMA #1

How to write a blog if you are not a good writer.

A couple of days ago, one of my readers, named Shuaib, sent me this question through my ASK ME ANYTHING page on my blog:

“I want to start my blog and I have a topic but I can’t write properly. What do I do?”

I’m not an English native speaker myself, so I can definitely relate to this question/challenge. Here’s my advice about what Shuaib, and you, if you’re in the same situation, could do about it.


First off, there’s no definite answer to this question, as it depends on a lot of different things:

  • What’s your level of writing – can you write decently, but not grammatically correct, or you can’t write at all?
  • Can you write in your own language, but not in English?
  • What’s your financial situation – can you afford someone else to write for you or to proofread your texts?

So, let’s go through a couple of options so anyone can get some value out of it.

1. You can write pretty well, but not grammatically correct:



This is the category that I started in, and still am – I mean, I can put together pretty well-written texts, but they are definitely not 100 % grammatically accurate. If you fall into this category, I have good news – this is pretty easy to deal with.

First off, practice makes perfect – the more you write, and also the more you read other posts, the better you become at writing.


But that’s not really useful advice, is it?

What is useful information for you in your situation, is following:

  • Use proofreading tools – here’s my review of Grammarly, the tool that I ALWAYS use. It corrects most of the grammatical mistake, typos, etc. I personally feel much more confident in my texts, after I run them through Grammarly. So, give it a shot: HERE (it’s free!)
  • Have somebody else to proofread your posts: this could be your colleague, friend, family member – if you have an option like that, great. If not, you will need to find either a local company, that can help you with that, or you can take a look at online portals, like Fiverr, for example. If you do the latter, just be careful about who you chose – you can find some quality, but also some pretty bad workers there, so be aware of that. I’ve used this site about 4 times, and I have been happy with results 50% of the time. But, once you find a reliable and affordable worker, you can stick with them and get a quality and pretty cheap service.

Bonus: you can also record yourself talking and find some people to transcribe your recordings – if you can talk well enough, this might be a good option for you.

2. Writing is just not your thing – you got ideas for your blog, but you can’t or don’t want to write them.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world – a lot of people have great blogs and they don’t write them themselves.

This one is actually pretty straightforward – if you don’t have the ability to write well enough or the ability and the wish to learn to write well enough, you will need to get somebody else to write it for you.

This could be someone you know – maybe you know someone that would do it for free or in exchange for something else that you can do for them. And if you don’t know someone like that, you will need to hire someone that you can pass on your ideas to, and they will put it into words.


Again, you have two main options here:

  • Find a local copywriter.
  • Look for a copywriter online – again, a place like Fiverr might be worth checking out. You can find their people that will talk to you about your blog post ideas, and write posts based on what you tell them to write about, and also some, that will generate ideas + write the posts for you. Again, you need to be careful when picking the person to do that for you, but it shouldn’t cost you too much to get a decent writer for your posts.
  • Also, you can look for bloggers that offer their writing services to others. My last blog post was a guest blog post by Youness Bermime, and he also provides copywriting services and writes some fantastic posts, so you might wanna check him out: Youness Bermime from WritersDo.

Bonus tip: you can also record yourself talking and find some people to transcribe your recordings – if you can talk well enough, this might be a good option for you.

3. You’re pretty good at writing, but it takes you a lot of time to put together a post.

If you fall into this category, I have two great resources for you:

Bonus tip: When writing blog posts, remember – your blog posts don’t need to be perfect. I really think that it’s okay if you have a couple of mistakes in your blog posts – so what, if your content is understandable and valuable, people will appreciate it, even if it’s not 100% grammatically accurate.



I’ve been down that rabbit hole myself, and it can really destroy your productivity. It’s always much better to write 5 blog posts that are 90% optimized, than 1, which is 100 % optimized. Seriously, this will help you to get more readers and more feedback from your readers. I’ve seen this with so many blogs – a lot of them get caught up in the tiny details, which really don’t matter that much, but they do make them feel like they can’t publish often enough.


So, here it is. I hope this blog post helped you get over some of your writing challenges and gave you some ideas about where to go to, to solve your problems.


And remember, just keep trying, keep testing different things, and you will find a way, that is the most suitable for you. And also, you will surely be better with every blog post that you produce, so even if your first ones aren’t that good, it will be much easier for you later on.


As far as any other blogging challenges that you have, you can go ahead and look through my other blog posts.

And if you don’t find your answer, you can always contact me here: ASK ME ANYTHING, and I will answer your question:)

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How to write blog posts if you are not a good writer.
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