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Best WordPress hosting for your website / blog in 2017!

The best hosting for your WordPress blog / website

Before you listen to my advice on selecting the best hosting provider for your WordPress website, I want to clear a couple of things out:

    • I used to work at a digital agency as a head of web development for almost 3 years, so I worked on A LOT OF PROJECTS and personally worked with way more than 10 (probably about 20) different hosting providers. So I didn’t just read comparisons online, I used so many different hosting providers on real projects.
    • The hosting provider that I recommend is one that I ACTUALLY USE for this website and for many others. I also recommend this hosting provider to pretty much everyone else that asks me. I started this blog on another hosting provider, but switched it and moved by site to this one, because it’s worth the effort since it’s so much better.
    • Yes, this post includes affiliate links, so if you will sign-up for a hosting plan through one of my links, I will get paid. But it will not cost you a penny. And it’s also not the reason that I recommend this hosting provider – almost every other provider also has an affiliate program, some are even better. But in my opinion, they are just not as good.

From my experience, Siteground is, BY FAR, the best WordPress hosting provider for pretty much every blogger and website.

This is a pretty big statement because A LOT of web hosts provide a lot of great features:

      • Affordable pricing plans,
      • 1-click WordPress installation,
      • 1-month trial / money-back programs,
      • SSD storage,
      • decent support,
      • free domain,
      • and similar.

But from my experience, and I promise I’m being honest, Siteground is just better, faster and more simple at these things and offers some amazing additional benefits.

As I’ve already said, after working with about 20 different hosting providers on various projects, Siteground has impressed me so much, that I’ve even moved this blog after it was already up and running on another hosting provider. It’s worth it.

Web Hosting

You can visit their website HERE:

So, anyways, let’s get to my top 5 reasons, why I think, why you should select one of the Siteground’s shared web-hosting plans:

1. It’s crazy fast.

Seriously, there are HUNDREDS of comparisons of various web hosts online and pretty much all of them have the same result – Siteground is MUCH faster than every other provider – that includes Bluehost, iPage, HostGator, GoDaddy, inmotion hosting … whichever you can think off. The only exception is maybe WP Engine, but for a plan at Siteground, that costs me about 10 $ per month, I would have to pay 99 $ there – which is a HUGE difference, for a big majority of bloggers/companies.

Besides that, Siteground seriously has no competition. Here are the results from my own experience – I MIGRATED MY OWN BLOG FROM ANOTHER HOSTING PROVIDER TO SITEGROUND AND LOOK AT THE FREAKING IMPROVEMENT IN SPEED LOADING TIME!!!

Results from testing my website on the previous host:

Results from testing my website after moving to Siteground:

The best WordPress hosting for bloggers and other websites!Without any major optimization (just the basic caching and minification), my page loading speed went from over 4 seconds to ONLY 1.55 SECOND! This is an unbelievable improvement, that provides a huge user experience and SEO boost. That alone should be reason enough for you to consider changing the host to Siteground.

Looking for more evidence? Here are the results from tests on real accounts, on 13 of the most popular web hosts:

      • Industry average loading time: 4,7 sec
      • Siteground loading time without cache: 1,7 sec
      • Siteground loading time with cache: 1,3 sec

Make your website faster for amazing results!Fastest WordPress hosting

Yep, Sitegrounds pretty much blows every one of them away. And if you don’t believe me, feel free to look around for other comparisons that you can find online.


Web Hosting

2. Very affordable hosting plans

You can sign up for their starting hosting plan for as low as 3.95 € / month! That is very cheap for what you are getting! While I use their biggest sharing shared-hosting plan (GoGeek – I use it because I have multiple websites and do use some of their more geeky features, that most of the bloggers don’t need) and I do recommend it, you can get amazing results from using their cheapest – “StartUp” plan.

If you can afford it, their “GrowBig” plan, should be amazing for your WordPress blog or a website – I recommend it over their cheapest plan, just because it has some premium features – SuperCacher for WordPress (better site speed), priority support, free WildCard SSL, allows multiple websites and is suitable for websites with more traffic. So if you can afford it, I highly recommend it, but if you can’t afford it yet and you’re just starting out with your blog, the “StartUp” plan will be amazing for you as well.

Take a look at their hosting plans and see which one is the best for your needs:

3. Optimized for WordPress

Who else is better to tell you, that Siteground is a great hosting option for WordPress, than … WordPress! Siteground is one of only three officially recommended hosting providers. Check it out for yourself –

There are a couple of WordPress-specialized features that Siteground offers, that will make your life much easier:

      • SuperCacher – specialized tool for WordPress and Joomla, that will significantly improve your website speed. You can read more about it here:
      • 1-Click Installer – as good and simple as it sounds.
      • Autoupdates for WP,
      • Free CDN,
      • WordPress Staging – you can set up a separate, development version of your websites, where you can test different things and features, with only a couple of clicks.

4. Freaking awesome support

Yes, I know – every hosting company promises great support, and SiteGround is no different. But boy, do they back it up! I’ve had to talk to their support through their ticketing system and it was the best experience with server support I ever came across – I contacted them in regards to moving my website from my previous host.

We exchanged 6 messages (I forgot to send them some details) and they fully migrated my website in less than 2 hours! From sending the first ticket, then giving them the contact information for my own account, to having my website up and running, it took 1-2 hours! That is crazy fast, I haven’t experienced anything comparable to this before!

That’s my personal experience, but also made a research/comparison with other hosting providers, and these are the results:

  • They are, by far, the fastest to reply to the ticket – in only 8 minutes! The industry average is about 8 HOURS! And the second fastest company responded in 44 minutes – which is about half an hour later.
    Fastest WordPress hosting AND support!
  • Out of 13 tested companies, they were one of only three hosting providers, that picks up the phone (for phone support) immediately!
    Siteground also has amazing support!

5. Established as one of the most secure web hosts

There are many technicalities that go into security of a web host. And Siteground is really good at it – they have a lot of features and tools, that make their server more secure than a big majority of other hosts. You can research it for yourself, as I am not an expert on this field, but just to name a few benefits:

    • Daily Backups.
    • Free SSL certificate.
    • Every account on their shared-hosting servers is isolated – so even if there is a vulnerability with one account, it will not affect any other account.
    • Automatic WordPress core and plugin updates.
    • They use latest PHP versions.
    • WordPress-specific Firewall.
    • They are integrated with Cloudfare, that provides additional security tools.

6. Free daily backups

This one doesn’t need much explaining – one of their great benefits, are daily backups – that means that if anything goes wrong with your website, you can always restore the yesterday’s / older version of it. That alone can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

7. Free SSL certificate

In case you don’t know what SSL is – it’s a security technology, that makes browsing – an interaction between user’s computer and your website, more secure and encrypted. And with many web hosts, you have to pay for an SSL – anywhere between 20 $ and 100 $ per year. With Siteground, you get an SSL free.

And yes, SSL is important and very recommended – it makes your website more secure, which will make your users trust it more + you will get an SEO boost.

8. Amazing, 99.996% server uptime!

Yep, in their last 12 months, they had MORE THAN 99.99 % uptime (99.999%
Last Month). This is awesome and highly important, as you won’t be able to achieve your goals, if your website isn’t available a lot of time. They are so confident of their servers, that they even promise a compensation, if your server has more than 0.1 % downtime on a yearly basis.

9. Free website transfer

If you already have a website / blog hosted somewhere else, and you want to make your website faster and more secure and decide to sign up with Siteground, they will even migrate your website for free. I used this offer and had a great experience with it – they migrated my site in less than 2 hours and everything worked perfectly!

This feature can save you a lot of time since you don’t need to migrate your website yourself!

Get started with the best WordPress hosting!

There are plenty more reasons for choosing Siteground as your web host! Again, I am a supporter of their web hosting, not because they paid me to be one, but because I actually use their services and have a FANTASTIC experience with them.

If you are looking for a web host yourself and have realized, that Siteground just might be the best choice for you, this is how you sign up with them:

And that’s it – as simple as it gets!

If you need any help with choosing the best host for you / signing up, let me know, and I’ll be happy to help! Hope you have a great success with your website/blog and will be as satisfied with Siteground’s hosting, as I am – I am sure you will be!:).

SiteGround is currently running a CRAZY Black Friday Sale – all web hosting plans 70 % off! If you’re looking for a reliable and fast web host, you can get it from 24.11. – 28.11. for as low as 2.95 $ / month!

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