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Yo, this is me!

Damjan Markoviฤ from


A digital marketer, developer, entrepreneur and blogger that loves to share.

Digital marketing and SEO advice from an expert
My mission is to use the professional knowledge, that Iโ€™ve acquired while working on countless projects and about three years in a digital agency, to:

  • help bloggers reach their goals, by teaching them how to implement best digital marketing practices into their blog,
  • help digital marketers improve their skills and results, by sharing tips and ideas from my experiences and researches, on how to improve their marketing results,
  • help everyone, that is looking for personal growth and development, because I am constantly looking for that myself, and I love to share my favorite methods to achieve that.

My name is Damjan Markoviฤ.


I live in Slovenia, I am obsessed with self-development and I enjoy blogging, digital marketing, web development, etc. But above all that, I enjoy sharing information and teaching people useful, practical knowledge. Thatโ€™s why I created – a blog, where I share my most useful and practical tips, with everyone that is interested in just that.

I am also on my journey of becoming an entrepreneur and I would love to share that journey with you! My promise is to give up as much of the practical, applicable, free and useful content that I can. I am sure that every blogger, entrepreneur and every company will be able to benefit from the information that I will put out.

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